Sometimes it feels like something just falls into your lap from the gods. I’d spent a weekend thinking I fancied a yoga retreat (they’re yoga holidays but for some reason no one calls them that…) and looking online at a few possible options without a huge amount of success.

When I got into work on the Monday morning I had an email waiting for me from a colleague who knew I did a bit of yoga thanks to a couple of conversations in the pub of a Friday evening. A friend of hers is a yoga teacher and was running a retreat in Italy a few weeks later. There were still a couple of places going….did I fancy it? Did I!

We arrived at a beautiful Tuscan villa near the village of Monteluco and were welcomed by our retreat hosts Maudie and Chloe who had met while training as yoga teachers in India and set up Loveyogabum together shortly afterwards. There were connections between all of us on the retreat, one of the girls had met Maudie and Chloe in India, while others of us knew one of two people but we all became fast friends.


Chloe taught the majority of classes along with Annie the other instructor who fearlessly had us doing acro-yoga within about 20 minutes of us meeting her. Days started with a 30 minute meditation (a luxury I attempted to keep up when I got home which soon fell foul to the snooze button…) followed by a 90 minute yoga class with Chloe which set us all up for the day. I loved Chloe’s classes, they were strong but not overwhelming and with lots of hands on adjustments (teachers who don’t do adjustments are a bit of a pet peeve).

Evening classes were with Annie and were a great opportunity to push myself as they involved all of the things I back away from in my practice, namely inversions, tricky balances and partner work. But once you come out of a class having ‘flown’ how could you want to do anything else?!

Just a spot of acro yoga

Just a spot of acro yoga

Oh, and then there was the food! The retreat itself was vegan and without any alcohol, two things that are pretty far removed from my usual eating habits, but it was glorious! Maudie is a trained chef and whipped up some delicious filling food throughout the week. Plus, we had a couple of meals out in gorgeous Tuscan restaurants where, erm, this happened… 550534_10151028108396364_1815742324_n

After a week I felt fantastic. I was bouncing out of bed in the morning, sleeping deeply and felt stretched and rested. This was Loveyogabum’s first retreat and they’ve gone on to host more everywhere from the Lake District to the South of France. They have some amazing looking holidays (ha!) scheduled so do check out their website, even if it’s just to look at their stunning photography.

Evening class with Annie

Evening class with Annie