I’ve written before about how Lululemon is my yoga brand of choice, but it can be student loan levels of expensive. So I thought it worth  looking at some other less expensive options to sweat and twist in. A lot of high street brands have started their own sportswear lines, but H&M‘s range (plus their super easy online ordering) caught my eye. The selection really is good value (£15 for a top with built in sports bra) and covers everything from bras to running tights to yoga tops to warm jackets for winter outdoor exercising (should that be your thing). I treated myself to a new top and leggings and, with a 20% code that they had running at the time, spent under £25 for a whole new yoga outfit.

So H&M, if I buy your leggings my bum will be this pert yes?

Unsurprisingly the fabric isn’t as thick as more premium brands and I found both items  are a bit clingy….not ones to be worn post a giant bowl of pasta. The leggings, while thin, have clever markings on them which make your legs look nice and long and are surprisingly flattering. They fit well, but I’d stick to yoga or similar with them – I tried wearing them while running last week and had to do a quick hitch-up on about every third stride to avoid giving the whole of Clapham Common an eyeful.

The top was a bit more neon than it looked online and I was slightly surprised to see it came with bra inserts. They were swiftly disguarded and the top gives enough support if you’re no bigger than about a b-cup. The straps meet between the shoulders, giving your arms back plenty of space to move and it’s not too loose so doesn’t ride up during inversions (huge pet hate of mine!). For the price it is, the H&M range is well worth a look for the odd treat that won’t break the bank.