In theory a good yogi’s diet is full of healthy greens, with little meat, processed food and alcohol to get in the way of the body functioning as well as it possibly can. While I’m certainly a long way off anything like that level of perfection, (I once found myself in a yoga class where the teacher told us we absolutely should be vegetarian and went home and cooked a steak) I can appreciate the  undeniable benefits of clean healthy food. Couple this with the fact that it’s January and most of the world seems to be on a health kick meant that when one of my best friends suggested we catch up over dinner, a vegan restaurant seemed as good an idea as any!



Saf in High Street Kensington is above Whole Foods nestled amongst some other food outlets like a very upmarket food court at a very upmarket shopping centre. All their food is vegan and, while they serve lots of fresh green juices, they do also have a half decent wine list (we found this a bit odd – if we’re going to be good, we want to go all out angelic!) Between us we ordered a Green Lantern (spinach, romaine lettuce, parsley, celery and cucumber) and a Skin Server (parsley, spinach, cucumber, carrots, aloe vera) and felt suitably virtuous sipping on them.

Unfortunately a lot of the menu wasn’t available that night, and some of the dishes could have done with a bit more detail on what they consisted of, so we both went for a burger. Oh they were good! I’m not normally a fan of veggie or vegan food being made to mirror meat dishes but these were spicy, tasty and full of flavour and the cashew ‘cheese’ (yep, really) was actually a lovely addition.

I don't think we're in McD's anymore

I don’t think we’re in McD’s anymore

It’s not the cheapest of restaurants, but if you’re in Kensington and fancy eating somewhere that will nourish your body almost as much as your yoga practice then it is well worth checking out.

Saf Restaurant and Bar, 63 – 97 Kensington High Street, W8 5SE