I’ve been hearing about Secret Yoga Club for a while (in hushed tones and whispers obviously). They host yoga events at various interesting and unusual locations across London about every month or so where yogis have a class and a meal often with live music. For one reason or another I haven’t been able to join them on the past few dates, but when I learned that they were hosting donation based classes at a secret studio in  Celestine Eleven it seemed like too good an opportunity to miss.

Gorgeous shop upstairs...

Gorgeous shop upstairs…

They had about four classes running each day but I decided to go along to a Jivamukti class taught by the lovely Molly Harragin before work last Thursday. Molly teaches Jiva at Yogahaven in Clapham every Wednesday and I try to go to her classes whenever possible. She’s a hugely inspiring teacher and I love the fact that Jivamukti changes each month so you always have something new to focus on. Plus she uses the amazing Jivamukti China Gel when making adjustments; I’ve had comments about how good I smell when I come out of her classes – not a comment I normally get post yoga!

...And tranquil yoga studio downstairs

…And tranquil yoga studio downstairs

For the week Secret Yoga Club’s home was Celestine Eleven, a gorgeous funky shop in Shoreditch with a large space downstairs that was transformed into a yoga studio with candles flickering all around the edge. With it being 7am we were a select group so were treated to lots of great hands-on adjustments during the class. I’d never practiced Jivamukti in the morning before but found it a really uplifting way to start the day. Next up, one of SYC’s full events!

Secret Yoga Club’s next event is on 2 February at the Royal Academy