I’m quite stupidly excited that Clapham has a brand new juice bar based within yogahaven in Clapham Old Town and therefore mere seconds from my flat. Previously the nearest thing was in Whole Foods in Clapham Junction which is a bit of a schlep from the High Street and Northern Line tube stations.

Looks like pond water, tastes amazing

Looks like pond water, tastes amazing

I’m a huge fan of green juices, which (thank god) seem to be ousting giant Starbucks coffees as the drink to be seen with. But trends aside, a big fresh juice (green or otherwise) is such a handy way to knock a shedload of vitamins into your system. Of course you could buy a juicer, keep stocked up on fruit and veggies and make your own fresh juices every day, but for those of us who live in tiny city flats with kitchens barely big enough for a toaster and a fridge that is about the right size to take camping, it’s not always that easy.

So hurrah for glo and its yummy juices, which are fast becoming my new favourite thing to grab after a class at yogahaven. They use organic, local and fair trade ingredients with no nasty refined sugars to make fresh, raw juices and smoothies as well as offering herbal teas and hot soup. I got handed a promotional bottle of a very well known (sugar laden!) smoothie brand on my way to work yesterday after treating myself to a glo juice and the bottle’s still sitting on my desk – you can’t compare it with fresh!

Glo, 63 Wingate Square, SW4 0AF

(pictures are a bit dark due to being taken after an early morning class on a miserable rainy day when I was running late for work…)