IMG_20140310_065201~2The studio where I practice most is Yogahaven in Clapham – my yoga home for three years, it’s a relationship that’s still going strong! So it’s no surprise at all to me that the Yogahaven brand is expanding and, in addition to studios in Brighton, Birmingham, Clapham and Islington, owner Allie Hill has just opened studio number five in Richmond.


The new space held its official opening last weekend, so I jumped on the train at Clapham Junction for a couple of minutes to Richmond and found that Yogahaven is really close to the station. Walking into the bright, fresh new reception I was greeted by the friendly faces of Allie, Leon and Stew who were buzzing with energy for the open day and gave me a look around.



While I know Yogahaven Clapham like the back of my hand (or back of my foot – I spend a lot of time in there staring at them after all) I haven’t visited any of the other Yh studios so was keen to see how similar Richmond is. While it’s distinctly Yogahaven (the branding, imagery and typeface is all there) I love that it’s got an individual feel with little touches like flickering candle holders in the window and vintage style hooks in the changing rooms. Allie herself said that the space feels ‘very Richmond’.

There was a nice mix of people who’d turned up to have a nose round the venue, including some Richmond-ites inquisitive about the new hot yoga studio that had landed on their doorstep, and we got the chance to properly try out the studio in a class lead by Allie. The heaters weren’t on so it wasn’t strictly a hot class, but the room was nice and warm all the same.


Allie started by telling us all how she came to own five studios and her background in yoga, which was a lovely touch. She taught my very first class at Yh back in 2011, so it felt really nice to be part of her first class in her new studio. The class was a mix of Yogahaven’s Hot Yoga Basics and Hot Flow classes so, while it was recognisable to me, it gave any newbies a really good sense of what to expect.

(I don;t actually have 3 legs...)

(I don’t actually have 3 legs…)

The studio is now fully open, with some recogniseable faces on the teaching schedule, and well worth a visit for a sweat session!

Yogahaven Richmond, 26 Kew road Richmond, TW9 2NA. Three class introductory offer – £15