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As a rule, Oxford Street wouldn’t be my first choice of location to be spending a bank holiday Monday. But this week, I skipped the traditional bank hols lie-in and jumped on the 137 bus to Selfridges for a chance to practice yoga in London’s best department store.

Selfridges is currently hosting The Beauty Project, ‘a six week programme of pioneering talks, interactive debates and immersive beauty experiences’, which includes talks from eminent journalists, models and beauty industry insiders about how we see and experience beauty in the modern world. It’s a comprehensive project and the whole store is celebrating it, with a giant Hello Beautiful sign on the store’s famous facade, and signs and branding inside. The initiative is being run in association with Dove and, while I’m not always a fan of their real beauty campaigns (this brilliant send-up video sums it up for me), there are some hugely important issues being raised about how women, and girls, see themselves and each other.

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Anyway, as part of The Beauty Project, the always awesome Secret Yoga Club are hosting a few classes throughout the six week  period and I went along to their inaugural class on Monday morning in Selfridge’s Salon (if you know your London department stores, it’s the space that hosts the Christmas decorations shop later in the year). The Salon is a striking pink and black space with various stagings, cushions, seating and props for it to host the different events.

Harriet Bone from SYC took the class accompanied by live music from Jason KaliDas, who I’m pretty certain also played at The Yoga People class I attended a few months ago. It was a lovely luxurious two hour jivamukti inspired class which was reasonably challenging for an open class but ended with a blissful Savasana and massage. What was brilliant to see was the range of people the class attracted, from experienced yogis to newbies and girls in their late teens to middle aged men.

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You knew you were practicing in one of the world’s chicest stores when one lady turned up for class in towering strappy heels and a silk jumpsuit and just kicked off her heels and got on the mat. One yogi’s gorgeous (and enormously well behaved) young son sat quietly at the back of the room for the whole class, either playing silently on an iPad or just watching the class.

After the Royal Opera House and Selfridges, I’m getting the hang of practicing in some iconic London buildings. Luckily I hope to have a couple more up my sleeve…

Yoga at The Beauty Project, Selfridges, Classes £15