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When the boy suggested I join him in Ibiza for a few days in the sun I wasn’t too sure what to expect – he’s been going to the white isle for a number of years but it would be my first visit. One thing I did know though was that the island, probably thanks in part to its hippy roots, has a good yoga community – if you want to have a trip there that doesn’t involve clubbing and is far removed from Kevin and Perry Go Large then it’s more than possible. (Or hell, just do both, post-yoga clubbing has to be a good idea…)

So, within minutes of handing my credit card details to Easyjet, I was emailing Ibiza-based yoga teacher Jacqueline Purnell from Yogashala Ibiza to ask if we could join one of her Jivamukti classes at the Garden of Joy near Calla Llonga. Jacqueline’s purpose-built yoga garden is located up in the hills next to the very glossy Amante Beach Club, and it was here that we met her after a day on the beach (Calla Llonga isn’t necessarily worth a visit in itself but, as with so many resorts, a ten minute walk away from town brings you to the most beautiful and tranquil surroundings).

2014-05-21 19.24.45The Garden of Joy is quite possibly the most beautiful studio I’ve had the opportunity to practice yoga in. The outdoor space is a large stone-floored circle with tented sails above it and beautiful plants, flowers and pottery surrounding it. The view from your yoga mat is a stunning mountainous vista accompanied by the sounds of the sea far below, which works wonders for your Ujayi breathing.

Neither of us had ever had a semi-private lesson before (we’re both far more adept at hiding away in big classes) so a 90 minute class with such personalised attention was fantastic. Jacqueline worked closely with us both and at the end of the session the boy’s back, which had been playing up for a while,was longer and considerably more supple.

But by far the highlight was getting to play with Jacqueline’s new toy – a FeetUp! If you haven’t come across this contraption, it’s a stool that allows you to practice inversions with your head hanging loose, avoiding any constriction in the neck and allowing your legs to float up with more ease. It was a really fun way to close the class, and marked Mr South LondonYogi’s first ever headstand!

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The Garden of Joy hosts yoga holidays, classes and teacher training courses – if you’re planning a trip to Ibiza, and fancy some pranayama alongside your Pacha, then do whatever you can to schedule in a visit.

Yogashala Ibiza, The Garden of Joy, Sol Den Serra, C/Fuera SN, 07849 St Eulalia, Ibiza