imageThe London yoga scene is growing at a swift rate (thank god, or I’d run out of things to write about!) but there are some yogi entrepreneurs (yogipreneurs?) who come up with an idea that makes you say ‘why didn’t I think of that?’ Hotpod Yoga fits firmly into that catergory. Founded by Matt and Nick (who trained with Yogahaven), the company teaches hot yoga in inflatable pods which are put away at the end of each class. They have a number of locations across London, where they teach hot yoga without having to build new studios every time they go to a new area!

It’s worth pointing out that there’s nothing ‘pop-up’ about Hotpod beyond the literal inflating of the pods – the pods are kept at each location so they teach classes regularly in the same place, but are able to transform any large enough space into a hot yoga studio. They also do corporate classes, so if you work in a cool enough company you could be doing hot yoga in the boardroom of a lunchtime.

image(3)But Hotpod has decided to take the plunge and build their first permanent pod and earlier this week I hopped on the overground East to Hackney to attend the launch party. The pod is perched on top of a huge roof terrace in Netil House, which is a centre for creative East London types who can hire desk, studio and event space and get everything from hot tub use to free coffees. It’s a very cool space and worth a visit to the rooftop even if you’re there for a beer rather than yoga.


The pod itself looks like a shiny futuristic space craft with its glass walls that look out over the London skyline. I love the idea of going to and from the hot studio straight outside and I bet it’ll be particularly awesome in the Autumn / Winter with the sharper temperatures and sunrises and sunsets during the classes.


We were so lucky that the party coincided with a gorgeous summer evening, allowing us to drink Pimms and Prosecco (my kind of yoga party) on the roof while watching the sunset over Canary Wharf and The City. My friend Felicity, who teaches for Hotpod, was there for the evening and due back to teach the 7am class the next day – dedication! It’s a really unusual and inventive hot yoga space. I’m almost trying to think of my own creative start-up so that I can move into Netil House with my laptop and take as many classes as possible!

Hotpod Yoga, Netil House, 1 Westgate Street, E8 3RL