I’ve recently discovered the gorgeous yoga and pilates clothes produced by Manuka – a London based luxury fitness brand which has a great selection of active and leisurewear. In fact, you could easily wear some of their products for chilling out or going to and from a yoga class, not just for the sweating itself!

They’ve got a cracking sale on at the moment, so I treated myself to a vest top and a long sleeve t-shirt which I’m planning on living in during my upcoming teacher training studies as it’s the comfiest thing ever and perfect for inbetween practices. (Just look how excited I am by it in the top pic!)2014-09-07 14.25.36

The vest top is made of luxurious brushed cotton (Manuka prides itself on its eco-friendliness and sustainability), which feels lovely against the skin, and has an in-built bra and great thick straps (no fiddling around with piddly spaghetti straps that always seem to slip down during class) which cross over the back. As it’s cotton rather than a sports fabric, I wouldn’t wear this to a hot class, but I tried it in a vinyasa flow a few days ago and found that the brushed cotton was really breathable and didn’t leave me feeling the top was heavy once I’d sweated a bit. It’s the perfect combination of having enough scaffolding and shape to it that you don’t feel unsupported, but is still very soft and comfortable.IMG_20140910_071549

And here’s another of the longer sleeved t-shirt. It’s got an Om on it! It’s so comfortable and is a flattering cut as it has two layers to it so, although it’s clingy, it’s very streamlined.IMG_20140910_071149

In fact I loved testing out Manuka’s clothes that I think they inspired me to nail my brand new party trick in this quick video (crow to headstand). Now they just need to help me work on getting out of it without the wobble!