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After my morning flow at Blue Cow Yoga I put in a dutiful morning in the office, before heading off for an afternoon of more Cheeky Yoga, courtesy of Lululemon who were hosting free classes at every main London studio last Thursday.

Thanks to my boyfriend’s very un-9-to-5 working hours he was able to join me so we trotted up to Marylebone to try out a 75 minute flow at Indaba. Indaba is somewhere I’d wanted to go for a while – it’s one of the city’s biggest and best known studios and has a great reputation. It’s located on three floors just round the corner from Marylebone station and its studios are huge. We were given a quick tour (the male and female changing rooms are located on different levels) and met back on our mats for class.


We had booked into Elisa Devlin’s flow class. I’ve done a few of her classes before and suspected we were in for a challenging and dynamic session…I was right! It was a fantastic opportunity to try a few new poses and the energy and standard of the yogis in the room made it easier to push and motivate oneself. Although I didn’t quite manage to replicate a classmate’s Ganda Bherundasana (a scorpion performed balancing on chin and hands – kudos!).

Indaba has a lovely chill-out space in their reception area where I waited with a cup of green tea and bumped into the lovely Charlie Morgan who was on her way into a class. The boy headed home (Spurs were playing) while I jumped on the District line all the way down to Parson’s Green and started to regret booking into three dynamic classes in one day…


The Power Yoga Company was my last visit of the day and the smallest of the three studios I went to. While Blue Cow Yoga and Indaba are surrounded by offices, TPYC is in the heart of leafy Fulham and next to big Victorian houses. It’s a really cozy space, with one studio upstairs, a bigger one on the ground floor and a small cafe space serving what looked like yummy veggie food and drinks (I had a dinner to go to otherwise I’d have indulged).


The class was a strong one, with the room at a nice warm temperature, although I became more and more aware as it went on that I was in the middle of flow class number three (why oh why didn’t I end with a restorative one?!). If I’d known more ahead of time I probably wouldn’t have ended the day at TPYC just because they don’t have as much space for changing facilities as other studios, and, to be fair, in a more residential area this isn’t really as much of a necessity. Still I managed to make myself look respectable and headed back into town for a business dinner, where I ended my day of cheeky yoga with a cheeky glass or four of wine!



Last Thursday Lululemon (yep, them again) continued their friendly assault on London ahead of their first full store opening. For a whole day, 20 studios across the city offered every class on their schedule for free courtesy of the Canadian clothing brand. That’s really quite some investment, but a brilliant PR opportunity to ensure the whole London yoga community knows that they’ve landed.

studioThey christened the day Cheeky Yoga, with the idea that you could nip out for a cheeky class during the day.With the opportunity to try out so many studios I thought I’d try and pack in a few. As much as I’m always keen to explore different studios, it gets expensive and time consuming if, like me, you have a local studio that you pay a membership for and already love. So I booked Thursday afternoon off work (I’m not cheeky enough to just bunk off…), logged onto Lululemon’s dedicated Cheeky Yoga booking site  and worked out where I fancied going.

With three classes ahead of me (I’ll write about the others in a later post) I started my day nice and early with a visit to Blue Cow Yoga for a 7.15am flow class. Blue Cow is located between Bank and Moorgate so perfect for all those stressed out City types who probably need some yoga after doing,erm, whatever it is they do all day. Inside, the centre is gorgeous – really glossy, clean and fresh but without being intimidating. The room where the class took place picwas beautifully light, with cream drapes like sails on the ceiling.

I can only assume a lot of people booked the free class but then slept through their alarm, as there were a lot of mats left empty for the first class of the day (speaking to the team at Yogahaven afterwards, they said this also happened to them with their early morning class). The flow was challenging but uplifting and, drumroll please, I managed my first ever side crow with my legs extended! My usual achievements pre-8am tend to be limited to getting out of bed and into the shower, so I was suitably happy with it.

pukkaPost class, I hit the showers in Blue Cow’s gorgeous changing rooms, which include some brilliant touches including cotton wool buds and disposable razors to use. Before I left I was given a lovely Pukka Love tea (I’ve since bought a box full) and could have happily stayed in the cozy reception area flicking through the yoga and lifestyle magazines that were there for a while, but sadly work was calling.

Thankfully, knowing there were only a few desk-bound hours before I could pull on my leggings and head off for some more Cheeky Yoga (and maybe that side crow) put a bit of a spring in my step.

recepBlue Cow Yoga, 7 Moorgate, London, EC2R 6AF