If there’s one thing in life I absolutely love, it’s green tea. Genuinely bloody love the stuff, as strong and bitter as possible! I start every day with a mug and will keep the teabag in as long as possible, topping it up with hot water until every last bit is squeezed out.

So when teapigs asked me to try out their organic matcha (extra super-strength green tea) for two weeks as part of their matcha challenge, I was definitely keen. While I consider myself a bit of a green tea connoisseur (which is lucky, because some days its by far the healthiest thing that I consume) I haven’t always enjoyed green tea flavoured things that have come my way…. Yes green tea kitkat that a colleague brought back from Japan, I am talking about you. But the matcha is great! Yes it’s really strong, and if you’re not a big green tea fan the taste probably won’t be for you, but you can always mix it with a small amount of cold water and drink it quickly as a shot.


My matcha challenge kit came with a shot glass, handy aero whisk and a guide to different ways to try the drink. It’s pretty simple, you just have half a teaspoon of matcha every day, either mixed into hot or cold drinks, smoothies or food and see how you feel. I started the two weeks while at Champneys for the weekend by trying out the matcha as a shot, but by the time I was back at work, I found it nicest to mix in with my usual cuppa and have an extra strong green tea break.


I definitely picked the best two weeks to try out the challenge. The first two weeks of January are inevitably the most grim of the whole year, when it’s dark and cold, you’re pretty broke and trying to lose the 7 pounds that somehow crept on over Christmas. Added to this that I was in the middle of a hugely busy period at work and trying to launch a new career on the side as a yoga teacher and I needed all the help I could get. But the matcha really helped me stay alert and not feel tired and sluggish (it, ahem, definitely gets your bowels moving!) Even when I was trekking to teach private clients at 6am on a cold winter morning, followed by a full day at my desk, I wasn’t feeling anywhere near as groggy as I could do.

It’s not always the easiest thing to drink, the powder does need to be whisked to make it dissolve into water, but this is definitely a new addition to my daily tea intake!

(And in v.exciting news, next week the teapigs team are launching a matcha pop up bar in Shoreditch!)