Since I started my teacher training course I’ve found myself spending most of my time in yoga clothes. Not that I didn’t wear leggings for a significant amount of my waking hours before, but now I’m in training Friday evenings, Saturdays and Sundays and racking up around three classes during the rest of the week, when I’m not in work I’ve basically got to be yoga-ready. So when the lovely guys at Ilu Fitwear asked if I could try wearing their trousers both for yoga and day-to-day life, it seemed like perfect timing.


Much as I’ve given up a lot of my social life for the next couple of months, telling most of my friends that I’ll see them at Christmas, if I’m meeting someone for a coffee before class or a quick bite to eat afterwards, I don’t necessarily want my clothes to be screaming  that I’m pre/ post yoga (I’ll let my bright red and sweaty face do that for me if it’s after class!) Also, if I’m running around London to get to different classes I want to keep my changes of clothes to a minimum (I forgot to put a top in my yoga bag last week and ended up heading straight to a post-work class in a promotional t-shirt I found in the office, oops!). So if there’s something I can wear for yoga and my normal life then so much the better.


The Ilu trousers are made from a wonderfully soft fabric which feels almost velvety but are extremely stretchy and  great to practice in. They’re bootcut so are really flattering and during colder months you could even wear them over cropped leggings when going to and from the studio. After testing them out on my yoga mat, I threw on a long sleeve t-shirt and my trainers to see how they held up on a run. Quite often I find leggings designed for yoga don’t hold up when running, and you spend half the time yanking up the waistband, but the Ilu ones stayed tightly put!


Finally, I thought I’d try them out away from the fitness world and see if I could get away with them for a night out. So I paired them with heels and a sparkly top and think I safely got away with it! OK I probably wouldn’t want to head out straight from a particularly sweaty class wearing the same clothes I practiced in, but it’s definitely possible to wear workout clothes away from the mat or the gym. Thanks Ilu!