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Things have taken an exciting turn in my yoga life as last week I officially started my 200 hour yoga teacher training course with The Yoga People. I’m really excited to take the next step towards building a career in yoga, even if it’s sometimes overwhelming and scary! I’m going to be blogging over at Om Exchange during the course, charting the ups and downs and how much I’m learning, and you can read the first week’s installment on there now.


A couple of days before my course I went to a Visions and Goals session at Lululemon in Marylebone. It’s the kind of event I’d have previously shied away from (I can get very British about these things) but it seemed like too much of a coincidence that it fell just before I was starting on something potentially life changing. So I un-stiffed my upper lip and went along to what turned out to be a really inspiring and worthwhile event, with a group of us setting out plans for where we’d ideally like to be in one, five and 10 years time. Lululemon run the events across all their stores so keep an eye out for them as they’re well worth going to!

Finally, I’ve also started writing for True Yoga Collective, and you can read my post on Creating a Home Retreat on the site now, with lots more to follow!



2014-08-16 15.47.06

Although it’s still August, there’s definitely starting to be a bit of a chill in the air and a reminder that Autumn’s not too far away. In fact, as I write this, I have all the windows in my flat closed for the first time since about May and have had to dig out a hoody – brrr! So I’m desperately trying to make the most of the last couple of weeks of Summer when the weather decides to play ball. Thankfully, it did last Saturday for the True Yoga Collective launch event as the outdoor rooftop class would have been a slightly different prospect in the rain!

As it was the sun was shining so I headed back to the roof of Netil House, where I’d been just a couple of weeks ago for the Hotpod Yoga party. True Yoga Collective’s  event was held on a different part of the roof, which I’d completely missed the last time I’d been there and was set up as a beautiful outdoor studio. I met my yogi friend Jess, who had been on the Italian retreat with me, and after checking that we were on the list, we were given our True Yoga Collective wristbands (LOVE a yoga event that feels like an exclusive festival!)

2014-08-16 15.34.21

True Yoga Collective is a new online magazine, community and events company run by a team of yoga teachers to promote the search for truth in yoga. The guys behind it gave a really lovely welcome to everyone and an explanation of what the collective is all about before taking it in turns to teach the class along with a small army of adjusters. I thought having three teachers might make the class feel disjointed, but it was cleverly split so that we had one voice for the flowing standing asanas, followed by another teacher for the seated sequence and a final yogi to lead us through a savasana and meditation.

2014-08-16 15.45.45

After the class we were treated to delicious lactose free cupcakes, and some smoothies and juices while the yogis mingled and talked about exciting upcoming projects, after which I ate my cupcake incredibly indelicately while wandering through Hackney (icing everywhere!).

2014-08-16 17.23.07

The Yoga Collective launched its online magazine the following day, so it’s up and running and well worth a look.