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Since I started my teacher training course I’ve found myself spending most of my time in yoga clothes. Not that I didn’t wear leggings for a significant amount of my waking hours before, but now I’m in training Friday evenings, Saturdays and Sundays and racking up around three classes during the rest of the week, when I’m not in work I’ve basically got to be yoga-ready. So when the lovely guys at Ilu Fitwear asked if I could try wearing their trousers both for yoga and day-to-day life, it seemed like perfect timing.


Much as I’ve given up a lot of my social life for the next couple of months, telling most of my friends that I’ll see them at Christmas, if I’m meeting someone for a coffee before class or a quick bite to eat afterwards, I don’t necessarily want my clothes to be screaming  that I’m pre/ post yoga (I’ll let my bright red and sweaty face do that for me if it’s after class!) Also, if I’m running around London to get to different classes I want to keep my changes of clothes to a minimum (I forgot to put a top in my yoga bag last week and ended up heading straight to a post-work class in a promotional t-shirt I found in the office, oops!). So if there’s something I can wear for yoga and my normal life then so much the better.


The Ilu trousers are made from a wonderfully soft fabric which feels almost velvety but are extremely stretchy and  great to practice in. They’re bootcut so are really flattering and during colder months you could even wear them over cropped leggings when going to and from the studio. After testing them out on my yoga mat, I threw on a long sleeve t-shirt and my trainers to see how they held up on a run. Quite often I find leggings designed for yoga don’t hold up when running, and you spend half the time yanking up the waistband, but the Ilu ones stayed tightly put!


Finally, I thought I’d try them out away from the fitness world and see if I could get away with them for a night out. So I paired them with heels and a sparkly top and think I safely got away with it! OK I probably wouldn’t want to head out straight from a particularly sweaty class wearing the same clothes I practiced in, but it’s definitely possible to wear workout clothes away from the mat or the gym. Thanks Ilu!



I’ve recently discovered the gorgeous yoga and pilates clothes produced by Manuka – a London based luxury fitness brand which has a great selection of active and leisurewear. In fact, you could easily wear some of their products for chilling out or going to and from a yoga class, not just for the sweating itself!

They’ve got a cracking sale on at the moment, so I treated myself to a vest top and a long sleeve t-shirt which I’m planning on living in during my upcoming teacher training studies as it’s the comfiest thing ever and perfect for inbetween practices. (Just look how excited I am by it in the top pic!)2014-09-07 14.25.36

The vest top is made of luxurious brushed cotton (Manuka prides itself on its eco-friendliness and sustainability), which feels lovely against the skin, and has an in-built bra and great thick straps (no fiddling around with piddly spaghetti straps that always seem to slip down during class) which cross over the back. As it’s cotton rather than a sports fabric, I wouldn’t wear this to a hot class, but I tried it in a vinyasa flow a few days ago and found that the brushed cotton was really breathable and didn’t leave me feeling the top was heavy once I’d sweated a bit. It’s the perfect combination of having enough scaffolding and shape to it that you don’t feel unsupported, but is still very soft and comfortable.IMG_20140910_071549

And here’s another of the longer sleeved t-shirt. It’s got an Om on it! It’s so comfortable and is a flattering cut as it has two layers to it so, although it’s clingy, it’s very streamlined.IMG_20140910_071149

In fact I loved testing out Manuka’s clothes that I think they inspired me to nail my brand new party trick in this quick video (crow to headstand). Now they just need to help me work on getting out of it without the wobble!


If you haven’t come across clothing and gift brand Yoga Will Save The World yet you’re missing out on some of the quirkiest, most fun yoga tops I’ve seen in a while.

Yoga Will Save The World is run by yoga teacher Rebecca who is also a talented artist and launched the company’s range with fun illustrations of yogis. Clothes include vests, t-shirts and hoodies while the gifts and stationary feature prints, calendars, notebooks and cards.

2014-06-09 19.15.14

The range is available online as well as in certain London studios, and after seeing the range in Yogahaven and spotting a number of fellow yogis wearing it, I decided to treat myself to one of the vests.

imageIt arrived beautifully packaged, wrapped with a ribbon and a gift tag and I wore it to class almost straight away. In fact I’m a little bit in love with the vest, which declares ‘I’m Sorry For What I Said Before I Yoga-ed’. I’m the first to admit I have a short temper, and god knows what I’d be like without my yoga practice (my boyfriend finds the vest a little too funny…) so I couldn’t agree more with the sentiment! Plus it brings a smile to my face when I wear it on my mat and reminds me that it’s ok to let go and important to make time for a bit of yoga. So, to anyone who encounters a slightly scowling face pre-class, please see below!


Aussie fitness clothing company Lorna Jane has just hit UK shores and during December the brand has been  residing on the Kings Road in Chelsea in a pop-up. It’s right opposite Triyoga so when I came out of Colleen Saidman and Rodney Yee’s workshop last week and spotted the shop I vowed to pay it a visit before it vanished.

Handily I received an email from one of my favourite websites Hip and Healthy inviting me to an private evening event at Lorna Jane’s store. The shop is gorgeous, the signature bright clothes  against white walls with fresh flowers on the desk and a giant chandelier above inspirational quotes on the wall.

My credit card started trembling at this point

My credit card started trembling at this point

We were treated to drinks from Plenish Cleanse (which were genuinely yummy) and glasses of champagne and I got a blissful hot stone hand massage from Bradley from Zen Life who was on hand (excuse the pun) in the shop.

I'm not lying - this tasted like a mojito

This really tasted like a mojito!

Lorna Jane’s clothes are fab. I love their trademark slogan vests and fell very much in love with this sports bra which is going straight to the top of my Christmas list and is so gorgeous that it’s going to spur me on to get my abs to a stage where I could wear it on its own!

I love a goody bag as awesome as this

Awesome healthy goody bag swag

Lorna Jane pop-up,  327 Kings Road

I’ve written before about how Lululemon is my yoga brand of choice, but it can be student loan levels of expensive. So I thought it worth  looking at some other less expensive options to sweat and twist in. A lot of high street brands have started their own sportswear lines, but H&M‘s range (plus their super easy online ordering) caught my eye. The selection really is good value (£15 for a top with built in sports bra) and covers everything from bras to running tights to yoga tops to warm jackets for winter outdoor exercising (should that be your thing). I treated myself to a new top and leggings and, with a 20% code that they had running at the time, spent under £25 for a whole new yoga outfit.

So H&M, if I buy your leggings my bum will be this pert yes?

Unsurprisingly the fabric isn’t as thick as more premium brands and I found both items  are a bit clingy….not ones to be worn post a giant bowl of pasta. The leggings, while thin, have clever markings on them which make your legs look nice and long and are surprisingly flattering. They fit well, but I’d stick to yoga or similar with them – I tried wearing them while running last week and had to do a quick hitch-up on about every third stride to avoid giving the whole of Clapham Common an eyeful.

The top was a bit more neon than it looked online and I was slightly surprised to see it came with bra inserts. They were swiftly disguarded and the top gives enough support if you’re no bigger than about a b-cup. The straps meet between the shoulders, giving your arms back plenty of space to move and it’s not too loose so doesn’t ride up during inversions (huge pet hate of mine!). For the price it is, the H&M range is well worth a look for the odd treat that won’t break the bank.


My name’s Laura and I’m a Lululemon addict. It’s not the cheapest of yoga wear, but it’s hard wearing (more so than similar priced brands I’ve tried), immensely comfortable and really flattering.

Originally from Canada, they expanded to the UK about a year ago and I found myself in their Chelsea store soon after. As soon as I walked in my credit card started trembling… The super friendly but super skinny shop assistant was wearing a pair of ink splodge ‘Wunder Under’ leggings which looked fantastic on her. She gently coerced me into trying a pair on and I’ve pretty much lived in them ever since.

Yes, they’re a lot more than snapping up a £10 pair of leggings in New Look but you’ll be thankful when bending over in downward dog that you made the investment….

In fact, I love my ‘mental leggings’ (yes someone called them that, I take it as a compliment) so much I sometimes use them for slightly un-yogic pursuits like, erm, drinking beer in the sunshine.