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Happy (almost) new year! After a very restful Christmas I’m really excited for 2015 because…drumroll please…I’m now a fully qualified Ashtanga vinyasa yoga teacher! My training was more intense than I could have ever imagined, but also one of the very best things that I’ve ever done, and while I’m enjoying having a bit of a social life back, I’d do it all again tomorrow if I could. If you missed any of the blogs I was writing over on Om Exchange throughout my course, you can read them all in one place.

I’m starting group classes at SWC in Brixton in January on Wednesday evenings and Sunday mornings as well as offering private lessons in people’s homes and in studios. There’s lots more info on my brand new teaching website

So my new years resolutions are pretty set (start new career, develop teaching, make lots of clients happy through yoga!) but if you’re based  London and want to make yoga your goal in 2015 then I’d love to help. And now my course is over I have lots of yoga events to attend and new posts planned for my South London Yogi blog.

Have a great end of 2014 x


yoga study

Somewhat terrifyingly, next week I finish my yoga teacher training (just 11 days till the exam, not that I’m counting!). Ten weeks have gone in an absolute flash, and I’m in the final stages of refining my exam class and swotting up on my theory in a manner not seen since my GCSEs! I’ve been blogging throughout the course over at Om Exchange where you can follow my progress, and have started teaching my first couple of classes (terrifying yet exhilarating all at once!) Normal blogging operation will resume in the New Year when I start on my new adventure as a fully qualified teacher and see where my next steps on this  journey take me!


Things have taken an exciting turn in my yoga life as last week I officially started my 200 hour yoga teacher training course with The Yoga People. I’m really excited to take the next step towards building a career in yoga, even if it’s sometimes overwhelming and scary! I’m going to be blogging over at Om Exchange during the course, charting the ups and downs and how much I’m learning, and you can read the first week’s installment on there now.


A couple of days before my course I went to a Visions and Goals session at Lululemon in Marylebone. It’s the kind of event I’d have previously shied away from (I can get very British about these things) but it seemed like too much of a coincidence that it fell just before I was starting on something potentially life changing. So I un-stiffed my upper lip and went along to what turned out to be a really inspiring and worthwhile event, with a group of us setting out plans for where we’d ideally like to be in one, five and 10 years time. Lululemon run the events across all their stores so keep an eye out for them as they’re well worth going to!

Finally, I’ve also started writing for True Yoga Collective, and you can read my post on Creating a Home Retreat on the site now, with lots more to follow!


Feet in the air if you love The Yoga People

Feet in the air if you love The Yoga People

I’ve been half toying with the idea of doing yoga teacher training for a while, but with the number of training courses out there (and the cost which seems to be a good couple of months wages) it’s a bit hard to know where to start. A long course based in London, or an intensive few weeks somewhere more sunny if you’ve managed to wrangle a decent chunk of holiday from your boss? And how do you know just what you’re getting from your investment? So when The Yoga People popped up on my Facebook with an ad for their YTT course in London and the option to join one of their classes to see what they were all about, it seemed like too good an opportunity to turn down.

So a couple of weekends ago, I trotted off to Maloca in Putney (hurrah for ticking South London boxes) to join a class with their trainees along with a couple of other inquisitive potential teachers and a few who had completed the course in previous months and were coming back for an extra class.

Walking into the big airy studio where the class was taking place I was greeted by the very gorgeous Dulce, who’s one of the course leaders, and explained that the two hour class was Ashtanga based and we were lucky enough to be accompanied by some live music. Jamie, who was teaching the class, arrived and we began…

Maloca's bright studio

Maloca’s bright studio

I thought I could do Ashtanga. While I’d never dream of saying it is (or possibly will ever be) simple, it’s something I thought I knew and could definitely get through a class of. Then I met The Yoga People… The class was Rocket yoga, which combines elements of the first four Ashtanga series (most people stick sensibly at the first) and was quite possibly the hardest class I’ve ever done. It nearly killed me, but I absolutely loved it.

What I hadn’t realised was that it was the final weekend of the teacher training so everyone knew the sequence well and were considerably less flumoxed than me at certain points. Saying that, I found I found the class encouraged me to push myself and ended up in poses I didn’t actually know I could do.

After the class I had a chat with some of the teacher trainees and got a great insight into the course. I also thought it was really telling that former students came back for the class to catch up with old friends and tutors, and based on the conversations about the upcoming exams, the current students were learning huge amounts.

Keep an eye out on The Yoga People’s website and Facebook page for info on their highly recommended open classes and teacher training courses. They run them all over the world, so perhaps I will have to make the London vs sunshine-based YTT decision after all…